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At Dartt Automotive, our client’s safety is our first priority. We want to make sure that every time you travel, you do it in a dependable and secure vehicle. Tires are a common source of issues for the cars and trucks that are brought to Dartt Automotive. All the handling refinement and safety testing that went into the construction of your car may not keep you safe if your tires aren’t performing their function as your connection to the road. Here are some basic details about your tires and how to determine when they need to be replaced.

The Dangers Of Bad Tires

As was previously mentioned, your car or truck’s tires are a key component. If you’ve ever been out of control in a car, you understand how terrifying it can be. Your safety on the road is at risk if you drive on tires that are too old, slightly deflated, out of balance, or unsuitable for the weather. Your tires were made to perform a particular job, and when misused, they might result in abrupt and disastrous events.

Your tires probably need to be filled with air if the area where they meet the road appears to be wider. Driving on under-inflated tires causes them to wear down more quickly due to uneven sidewall pressure, and it can result in full-blown flats and even tear the tire off the wheel. The fuel efficiency of your car also suffers from low tire pressure. On the other hand, driving while having too much air in your tires is risky. While it’s doubtful that a major pothole would cause the tire to blow, having too much air in a tire limits the size of the contact patch or the region where the rubber meets the road. Less grip and control over your car may result from this. Finding the ideal tire pressure for your vehicle is simple because every tire manufacturer prints the recommended tire pressure on the side of their tires. If you test your tires and find them to be above or below this number, you should either inflate them or have your tires inspected.

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The penny trick is one that I’m sure we are all familiar with. For those who aren’t, you may check your tread’s condition by sticking a penny in it and seeing whether you can make out Abraham Lincoln’s head. There are a couple more popular ways to gauge tread depth, but we advise visiting Dartt Automotive in Evansville, IN for a qualified opinion. Different tire replacement periods apply since not all tires are created equal. Lack of tread can result in less control and poorer handling for your car or truck, similar to overinflated tires. The tread patterns of your tires assist them in holding the road while also directing mud and water away from the places that need to provide traction. Your automobile may ride up on top of water on the road if there is insufficient tread depth, which could result in total loss of control.


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Several things could indicate that your tires need to be repaired. A visual inspection can identify difficulties, such as nails or rocks embedded in the tread grooves, before they become serious. Always keep in mind that your tires are under considerable pressure. It is advised to get professional assistance if you notice any gashes or bubbles or hear the hiss of air escaping. 

When driving, you might notice tire damage. When it is safe to do so, stop your automobile as soon as unusual noises start coming from it while it is moving or the handling suddenly worsens. It is never a good idea to drive on a flat tire because it can likely result in more serious damage to your car.

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Tires are expensive, so we take every chance to repair them securely while also saving you money. Small punctures are frequently repairable using plugs and patches, but occasionally the tire’s life is over. Repairing the puncture is definitely risky if it is on the tire’s outside edge. The same holds true for a flat tire that has been driven on. The sidewall has weakened in this instance, rendering the tire unsafe. Each manufacturer sets guidelines for what can and cannot be repaired, similar to recommended pressures.

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Customer safety is our first focus at Dartt Automotive. With this knowledge, we hope you’ll feel a little safer. Call us at 812-424-9499 or stop by our location at 301 W Franklin St in Evansville, IN, if your tires might need to be inspected or replaced. Travel safely!

We offer most major brands of tires.

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